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‘The forgotten Factor’ – ‘Never Forget What It’s Like To Be A ‘C’

Never has it been more important for leaders to engage with their people. However, there is one leadership
failure –

The Forgotten Factor –

that will weaken an organisation and, ultimately, paralyse its ability to perform to its potential.

Never Forget What It’s Like To Be A ‘C’ is reality and based on an idea developed over many years by Trevor Jarrett and Shaun Price. It takes you on a journey from a chance meeting during a business trip, to playing a ‘Game’ and culminating in a closing remark from the CEO of a failing organisation that identifies TFF:

The Forgotten Factor.

Never before has such a simple game helped organisations and their leaders uncover where they are failing their people. Experiential in its design and short in its duration, the Game allows participants to find the answer they probably haven’t even been looking for!

Nevertheless, this book clearly is not just about one forgotten factor; it explores and identifies many key messages that any leader can recognise and put into practice immediately.

Book reviews

“The experience changed my company’s life and me. I will never forget it”

Brian Jeffers

“Thanks for helping me realise its not all about me.  I’ll never for get”


“The bottom line is now healthy as a result of playing the game.”


“Wow, Life changing and company changing.  I’ll never forget”


“I’ll never forget.  Thanks.”