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Book reviews

Great book really enjoying it so far, I just can’t seem to put it down.”

“Easy to read, hard to put down, with helpful messages on leadership to reflect on.”

Matt W

“Great book, lots of helpful information.”

Cheryl S.

“I’m not a massive book reader, in fact the majority of books I read, I fail to get past the first chapter. Having said that on this occasion like few others I was gripped to the complete end and even went back over certain chapters all in the space of a weekend. The content itself is extremely well written and truly inspirational, I have begun to employ certain techniques in my own everyday life and business dealings from the content of this read.

In general I feel like I know the author, just like a family member. I would highly recommend this book for anyone, You don’t need a reason to get a copy of this. It has a fantastic storyline and is exceptionally inspirational”

“It is a well constructed book that is easy to read. It summarizes some really good points like recognition of problem before looking for solutions. It is sometimes difficult to write the obvious and sort the obvious. Trevor does this in a creative way and there are many good learning points that help remind us that leadership is a skill which can be learnt and then applied. I would recommend this book.”
E. Wal

“Although the style was not as i expected it to be, the conversational tone was a fresh approach to a leadership book and meant that i finished reading it in just two sittings! It also meant I could hear Trevor talking to me as if he was back in the room…. Because I have had the pleasure of playing the “game” many years ago! I was the “C” with no cards!

It was great to remember the lessons once again and realise how relevant and true they remain so many years later.

A great read and truly food for thought!
D. Warr

“I work for a public sector organisation and attended a leadership programme facilitated by Trevor Jarrett – That’s where I learned about the importance of Never forgetting what it’s like to be a C.

I participated in the game / exercise that this book outlines. It is simple, yet so very effective. I’ve been waiting for it’s publication so that I can use it to demonstrate, in the clearest possible way, where organisations go so badly wrong and the impact that it has on staff. 

If you work in a Management, Leadership, HR or Training role you need this publication in your life.”
P. Harvey

“I received this book through NetGalley and read it immediately. The author, Trevor Jarrett acknowledges early on in this book how many other books have been written about leadership and teams. And, truthfully, I believe many hit on the same recommendations just using different words and phrases to describe the process. What I really enjoyed about this book is it is different and gets the points across in just 90 pages. How many leadership books have you closed half-way through them because you “got it”? There was no need to read more. There’s still a bit of fluff in this book; it could have been even better with just 60 pages but so much less fluff than many others.

This book reads like a fable but is actually based on a true experience of the author while delivering a full-day facilitated session. It describes a “game” that he uses regularly to help leadership teams understand and define a problem. I have read many, many business books and hadn’t come across this game before and found it very illuminating. The book also illustrates good coaching behavior by the author with his client.

Great quote from President Theodore Roosevelt. “The best executive is one who has sense enough to pick good people to do what he wants done, and self-restraint enough to keep from meddling with them while they do it.” What a great approach to avoiding micro-managing.

Overall this is an enjoyable 60-90 minute read and the value you gain from reading it will exceed the effort that was required. A good indicator of a successful endeavor.”

“I was recommend the book as I work as a HR Business Partner for a large multinational financial instruction and spend much of my time coaching leaders on effective leadership methods and tools. This book gave a really great insight on who to help leader identify problems, look at solutions, engage and communicate with peers and colleagues. The book talks through a real life example of where Trevor supported a leadership team in a multinational company who were struggling to identify problems within the organisation and how he facilitated an offsite focused around ‘the game’. I have participated in a similar exercise in leadership courses but the example in the book really brings to life the challenges faced throughout the hierarchy in an organisation. As a HR professional this book was really great to help with ideas to further support my leadership teams and as a leader it also reminded me of some of the ‘blind spots’ that easily creep in when planning or executing strategy. This was a quick easy read which I finished in a couple of commutes and really was time well spent.”

“A great read, especially if your company wants happy customers and motivated staff.”

“So this evening I picked up this book and started to read it whilst stood up in the bathroom with my daughter I’m the bath. I quickly found myself sat in the lounge with the TV on mute truly engrossed and a million miles away from home. Unfortunately my daughter decided she needed some attention and I spent the rest of the evening consoling her. I just want to say right now hats off to you, the book is fantastic and if I don’t continue to read tonight I will no doubt finish it over the next few days. it’s fantastic and really interesting to read and one of the few books I’ve really enjoyed, I can’t wait to finish it now.”

“Read the whole book in one day! Couldn’t put it down, a fascinating insight into successful company management for those who want happy customers and motivated staff.”

“An easy to read record of how losing sight of the most instantly recognisable leadership traits go missing in the face of adversity.  This book has reminded me not to lose sight of the things/people that matter the most.”

“I enjoyed searching for the hidden factor and in that search I have found many useful observations that have enabled me to engage more completely with my team and my organisation.  This book is not just about remembering what its like to be a ‘C’, (to slightly change the authors terminology), but has a whole raft of insights into why and how we as leaders often get ‘it’ wrong.  The book title will stay with me for the rest of my life.”

“Don’t hesitate to try this book.  It contains a surprisingly vast array of useful ideas to help businesses large and small to change for the better.”

“To use the Authors words from the early pages ‘Okay, let’s not pretend this is the only book written about leadership and teams. There are numerous books out there that range from being worthless to invaluable in helping leaders, organisational resilience and sustainability. I’ll let you be the judge of where Never Forget What It’s Like To Be A ‘C’ fits within these parameters.’ I have decided it fits right up there as invaluable.”

“An easy to read insight into why organisations fail, or at best why they don’t prosper.  I enjoyed the reality of the situation and how it built to the critical message at the end.  This will be a valued addition to our company library.”

“I can’t fault the messages that fall out of this read.  Would love to have more insight into ‘meaningfulness’.

“The experience changed my company’s life and me. I will never forget it”
Brian Jeffers

“Thanks for helping me realise its not all about me.  I’ll never for get”

“The bottom line is now healthy as a result of playing the game.”

“Wow, Life changing and company changing.  I’ll never forget”

“I’ll never forget.  Thanks.”

“As a deputy manager in a large investment bank the book has really helped with understanding my role, the roles of others around me and how to apply the results of “The Game” to everyday work life.

A must read for anyone interested in business and how to make it work regardless of industry.”


“A fantastic read which is a must for anyone already in/ looking to get into a position of management within any industry.”

Lewis B.

“Fantastic read! Couldn’t put it down, so pleased I purchased this book! Will be recommending to everyone I know.”

“A great read, especially if your company wants happy customers and motivated staff.”

By Liz and Chris on 9 Dec. 2015

“A great read. Insightful inspiring and useful in many leadership settings. I come from a motor trade background but this can be used in many roles.”