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Book review

“I was recommend the book as I work as a HR Business Partner for a large multinational financial instruction and spend much of my time coaching leaders on effective leadership methods and tools. This book gave a really great insight on who to help leader identify problems, look at solutions, engage and communicate with peers and colleagues.

The book talks through a real life example of where Trevor supported a leadership team in a multinational company who were struggling to identify problems within the organisation and how he facilitated an offsite focused around ‘the game’. I have participated in a similar exercise in leadership courses but the example in the book really brings to life the challenges faced throughout the hierarchy in an organisation. As a HR professional this book was really great to help with ideas to further support my leadership teams and as a leader it also reminded me of some of the ‘blind spots’ that easily creep in when planning or executing strategy. This was a quick easy read which I finished in a couple of commutes and really was time well spent.”

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